Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Library Lesson: Don't Be Sluggish, Read!

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Don't Be Sluggish, Read!

After a summer break, many first graders come to school with a decline in reading (sadly we know this can happen at any age for those who don't keep reading over the summer). This may frustrate or sadden our young emergent readers. I do this lesson at the beginning of the year to help them to not be down and to just keep on reading!

Recommended grade:  1st grade

·   YouTube video "Don't Feel Like Dancin' Slugs"
·   snail or slug hand puppet (mine is a Folkmanis Garden Snail puppet)
·   Book How to Teach a Slug to Read by Susan Pearson


I always try to incorporate wiggling into a lesson. The kids always need it to listen to an important topic (especially at this age). With the release of the movie Turbo this past year, this library lesson was a big hit!

    YouTube video "Don't Feel Like Dancin' Slugs"
  1. Have the boys and girls stand up and dance (if they choose) to the You Tube video “Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ Slugs.” It is a really short 22 second video. But, it is just enough to "wake them up," smile, and be ready to listen to my lesson.
  2. After dancing, I will have the kids sit down and then I will bring out my snail puppet. My snail puppet is really sad and dos not feel like dancing. After we ask him why, we learn it is because he cannot read. I will tell him I have a perfect book on how we can teach him to read. 
  3. Read the book How to Teach a Slug to Read by Susan Peterson. Discuss afterwards ways in which the students learned how they could become readers if reading is hard for them or someone they know. My snail puppet will be "all revved up to read" afterwards!
My Garden Snail hand puppet from Folkmanis.
I do not think this particular one is for sale anymore.
But, there are plenty of other great ones out there!

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