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Library Lesson: Choosing a Just Right Book

Library Orientation: Choosing a Just Right Book

My second grade son last school year participated in this library lesson. He said it cracked him up and I had to do it again for this next bunch of second graders for their library orientation. His favorite part was me preparing to read the story in the chairs that were too big and too small and putting on socks that were also too big and too small. If you are going to do this lesson, be sure and have fun with it by over dramatizing and making your students smile!

Recommended grade:  2nd grade

·   pictures of your family and things you like
·   chairs of various sizes (too small, too soft, and just right)
·   2 books: one that is too difficult for this age group and one that is too easy to read
·   socks of various sizes (too small, too big, and just right)
·   book Goldisocks and the Three Libearians by Jackie Mims Hopkins

Goldie Socks: And the Three Libearians

Here is how I teach this lesson and what works best for me. Also, I hope to post pictures once I have taught it again this school year...
  1. I start by introducing myself and showing pictures of my family and the things I like.
  2. Next, I tell the students I have a book I want to read to them, but I first have to find a cozy spot to read it. I sit in a chair that is too small, too soft, and then “just right.” 
  3. Then, I tell the students I am now ready to read. I start by reading the first paragraph of a book that is too hard (I use my husband's huge book The Caribbean by James A. Michener). Then, I read a few pages of a book that is too easy (I use the board book Hug by Jez Alborough). Finally, I tell them I am now going to get serious and read a book that is “just right” for them.
  4. But before I read the book, I tell the students I need to put on some cozy socks because my feet are too cold. By now the students are cracking up laughing or groaning because they know what will probably happen next. I put on socks that are too little (the kids get a kick out of me trying on baby socks). Then, I put on socks that are too big (my husband''s soccer socks are massively big). Finally, I put on socks that fit “just right” (I use socks I received from Junior Library Guild that say "Librarians Rock!"). 
  5. Now I really have their attention and I am ready to ask if the phrases I have used remind them of a story they have heard before (Goldilocks and the Three Bears). I share with them that I have a different version I am going to read to them called Golidsocks (hold up my feet) and the Three Libearians by Jackie Mims Hopkins. 
  6. I then proceed to finally read the story. Every time I get to the main character Goldisocks, I drag out the word "Goldi..." and hold up my socked feet so the students will chime in the word "socks."
  7. There is a part in the book where Goldisocks discusses using the "5 Finger Rule" to find a book that is "just right." I pause my reading of the story to discuss how to do the "5 Finger Rule." Then, I teach the students a song to reinforce the idea. I wish I knew where I found this song to give credit to whomever came up with it- give a shout out if you know where!
    The Five Finger Book Song
    (tune: “Yankee Doodle”)
    Here’s the way I choose a book-
    I count upon my fingers.
    See a word I cannot read,
    My fingers keep a record.

    Miss a word, that counts for one,
    Skip it and keep reading.
    Miss the next word, finger up,
    At five, I’ll choose another!
  8. I finish reading the book and then tell students it is time for them to be a BEAR! I hold up a sign that is an acronym showing the word BEAR stands for "Be Excited About Reading!" They then get to practice using the "5 Finger Rule" to find a book for them that is just right.
  9. As they leave, I hand out bookmarks to remind them to be BEARs, to use the "5 Finger Rule" when finding a book, and to help them remember when their weekly library time is.
Fun freebie:
Here is the bookmark that I created to hand out to the students at the end of this lesson. If you would like a copy, click on the picture below. Enjoy!
Bear graphics from Scrappin Doodles
Hand graphic from My Cute Graphics

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  1. Hello! I would love access to print these adorable bookmarks. Thank you for an awesome lesson.